The sun is out, and the road is calling. Where to, you ask? Anywhere you want! No wheels, you say? No problem! Just head to Adobe Transportation, choose your ride, book it, and go. Don’t over-think it, just do it. Because nothing beats a good road trip to appreciate the wonders of our world. Pack up these few essentials and hit the road in an economical, safe and comfortable van for a smooth ride down a highway to anywhere:

Audio Books

Download your favorite podcasts or find the audio version of the book you’ve been dying to read but haven’t found the time. A good music mix is a must-have as well.

Healthy Snacks

Think granola bars, energy bars, dried fruit, and the like. They are non-messy, easy to eat at the wheel and delicious! Most important for the climate of the Southwest is not to forget your water; lots of it.

Baby Wipes

Not just for babies, y’all. These wondrous wipes do a great job keeping everything clean, and they can even be used in place of deodorant to freshen up your underarms in a pinch!

Breath Mints or Strips

You’ll be downing your fair share of iced coffees and slushy drinks, so keep your breath fresh with a handy travel pack of breath mints or Listerine Strips. A fresh mouth really does energize the brain.

Walkie Talkies

If you are a family or any other type of group, be sure to pick up a few Walkie Talkies depending on where you’re headed. More remote areas like forested mountain ranges won’t have great cell reception – if any – so this is a good way to keep in touch with other vacationers.

First Aid Kit

Bandages, gauze, a portable light, gloves, antiseptic wipes – go out and buy a small first aid kit already packed with all the essentials in case of emergency or injury on the road.

I know you want to help your fellow travelers so if you have items to add to this list, please send them to me.

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